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                                  Beyond the Classroom

                                  A passion for learning can't be contained by walls or class schedules. You've probably heard the buzz words? "hands-on" or "experiential learning" before. We are big believers in those things, yet our approach is focused on making sure the experiences that you have in your few short years here prepare you to make a greater difference in your chosen profession.

                                    • Research at Keirn Family WW II Museum at SFU
                                    • Teach kids chemistry SFU Science Outreach
                                    • Experience another culture BANNER
                                    • Improve a watershed
                                  • Get Out There

                                    We won’t lie. College involves sitting, but don't? get too comfortable!?Combining theory with immersive learning experiences will help you become a better?whoever?you want to become.

                                  • Experience Another Culture

                                    You'll meet students from all over the world right here in Loretto, but don't miss the opportunity to? study abroad. We even have our own re-imagined monastery in France where you could spend a whole semester taking classes.

                                    Discover the Past or Look to the Future

                                    Ask us about opportunities for student research. Whatever piques your interest probably intrigues one of our faculty members as well.?

                                    Make a Difference

                                    We partner with communities here and abroad to take learning on the road.?? Outreach, community engagement, and classroom projects?are great ways to learn while paying your gift forward.?







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