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                                  Clubs & Organizations

                                  Don’t just go to college…participate in it! ?Saint Francis is one big social network and you’re invited to join in!

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                                  • Experience SFU your way

                                    Activities Calendar

                                    Check out a full list of upcoming events on the SFU Student Life Activities Calendar.

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                                    Outside of the awesome education you will receive here, you will also meet a lot of great people from across the country and around the globe that are interested in what you’re interested in.?

                                    Find a club or organization.

                                    Our clubs and organizations cover a wide range of activities and interests, from academic societies, the arts, club sports and intramurals, to activity and event coordinators, and leadership programs.

                                  • Build your co-curricular transcript

                                    Leadership, Involvement, and Service Transcript (L.I.S.T.)?encouraging you to track activity in?six areas of growth: Internships, Research, Study Abroad, Leadership, Community Service, Campus Ministry.

                                  • Academic/Professional (by academic school)

                                    School of Business

                                    • Enactus (SIFE)
                                    • Investment Club SFU
                                    • Society of Economic Analysis (SEA)
                                    • Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM)

                                    School of Health Science & Education

                                    • Exercise Physiology Organization (EXPO)
                                    • Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)
                                    • Occupational Therapy Organizatoin (OTO)
                                    • Physical Therapy Organization (PTO)
                                    • Physician Assistant Student Society
                                    • Student Nursing Organization (SNO) ?

                                    School of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics

                                    • American Sign Language Club (ASL)
                                    • Biology Club
                                    • Chemistry Club
                                    • Criminal Justice/Sociology Club
                                    • Current Affairs Club
                                    • Education Club
                                    • French Club
                                    • Gaming Club
                                    • History Club
                                    • Literary Guild
                                    • Math, Engineering, & Computer Science Club
                                    • Philosophical Society
                                    • Pre-Law Club
                                    • Psychology Club
                                    • SCUBA Club
                                    • Social Work Club??
                                    • American Sign Language Club (ASL)
                                    • Best Buddies
                                    • Chemistry Club / Rock
                                    • Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)
                                    • Current Affairs Club
                                    • Environmental Action Society (EAS)
                                    • Fusing, Empowering, Embracing, Diversity (FEED)
                                    • Habit for Humanity
                                    • Hugs United
                                    • Invisible Children (Schools for Schools)
                                    • Make A Patient Smile (MAPS)
                                    • Reaching Every Door
                                    • Social Work Club
                                    • Students for Life
                                    • Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT)
                                    • Support, Educate, Advocate, Love (SEAL)
                                    • True Colors
                                    • Uplifting Athletes
                                    Campus Services
                                    • Bell Tower (Yearbook)
                                    • Student Activities Organization (SAO)
                                    • Student Government Association
                                    • Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
                                    • Troubadour (Newspaper)
                                    • RED Student Radio ?
                                    Club Sports

                                    Club Sports

                                    • Baseball
                                    • Bass Fishing
                                    • Golf
                                    • Ice Hockey
                                    • Rugby
                                    • Soccer
                                    • Table Tennis
                                    • Ultimate Frisbee
                                    • Wrestling

                                    Club Sports Homepage



                                    • French Club
                                    • Fusing, Empowering, Embracing, Diversity (FEED)
                                    • International Student Union (ISU)
                                    • Literary Guild
                                    • SFU Singers
                                    • STAR Productions Theatre
                                    • Catholic Daughters of America
                                    • Breaking Open the Word - Bible study group
                                    • Cru
                                    • F.I.R.E. starters
                                    • Knights of Columbus - College Council
                                    • Peer Ministry
                                    • Students for Life
                                    Greek Life

                                    SFU Greek Life certainly has something to be proud of...and if you join, you are among the nation's elite Greek scholars! Learn more.


                                    GREEK LIFE for MEN: FRATERNITIES

                                    "The substance of the college fraternity is brotherhood - an elusive commodity which tends to withdraw inside a state of mystery when one attempts to describe it. It is understood more effectively through the heart and the spirit than through the mind. Nevertheless in this intangible quality lies the great value of fraternity, and unless one understands the meaning of it, one simply cannot understand the college fraternity very well." - Unknown

                                    To gain a better perspective about what Fraternity Life is all about at today's colleges and universities, check out www.FraternityInfo.com. Hosted by the North-American Interfraternity Conference (N.I.C.), this site is sure to provide you with helpful information regarding myths of Fraternity life and what true Fraternal values contribute to our campuses, our communities, our nation, and our world.

                                    Alpha Phi Delta

                                    Alpha Phi Delta*?

                                    Alpha Phi Omega

                                    Alpha Phi Omega^

                                    Phi Kappa Theta

                                    Phi Kappa Theta*

                                    Psi Upsilon

                                    Psi Upsilon*

                                    ?Sigma Chi Crest

                                    Sigma Chi*

                                    ?Tau Kappa Epsilon

                                    Tau Kappa Epsilon*



                                    GREEK LIFE for WOMEN: SORORITIES

                                    "Sisterhood is the essence of all the wisdom of the ages, distilled into a single word. You cannot see sisterhood, nor can you hear it or taste it. But you can feel it a hundred times a day. It is a pat on the back, a smile of encouragement. It's someone to share with, to celebrate your achievements." - Anonymous

                                    To gain a better perspective about what Sorority Life is all about at today's colleges and universities, check out www.thesororitylife.com. Hosted by the National Panhellenic Conference (N.P.C), this site is sure to provide you with helpful information regarding myths of Sorority life and what true Sorority values contribute to our campuses, our communities, our nation, and our world.

                                    Alpha Phi Omega

                                    Alpha Phi Omega ^?

                                    Gamma Sigma Sigma

                                    Gamma Sigma Sigma^

                                    Delta Phi Epsilon

                                    Delta Phi Epsilon**

                                    Theta Phi Alpha

                                    Theta Phi Alpha**?

                                    Phi Delta Kappa

                                    Phi Delta Kappa+

                                    Phi Lambda Psi

                                    Phi Lambda Psi+

                                    Omega Zeta Nu

                                    Omega Zeta Nu+



                                    ^ service-based organizations
                                    * member-organizations of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (I.F.C.)
                                    ** member-organizations of the National Panhellenic Conference (N.P.C.)
                                    + local organizations

                                    • Cycling Club
                                    • Dance Club
                                    • Gaming Club
                                    • SCUBA Club
                                    • Ski Club
                                    • Student Activities Organization (SAO)


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