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                                  Exploratory Studies Program

                                  Get the personal attention that you deserve to find a career you love with this one-year program designed to help you transition easily into a major.?

                                    • Arts
                                    • Business
                                    • Discovery
                                    • Education
                                    • Health
                                    • Science
                                    • ?What will you create?

                                    • Where will you lead??

                                    • What will you reveal?

                                    • Who will you shape?

                                    • How will you care?

                                    • What will you discover?

                                  • Some students know the specific major they want. Others want to explore with purpose to figure things out.?With this program, you can explore multiple disciplines while preparing for your future major, and stay on track to graduate in four years!?

                                  • Exploratory Quiz Icon

                                    Sorting through options? Try our quiz.

                                    Your personality just might have the answer to your future career choices.
                                    You might be surprised by what’s revealed after answering 5 short questions.

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                                                                  Super League

                                                                  Second-hand housing

                                                                  Buy a car




                                                                  Super League

                                                                  Super League