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                                  More Than Heart and Soul

                                  April 15, 2020 Author: Thomas Havrilla Tags: Academics , Health Sciences and Education , Stories of Resilience

                                  At Saint Francis University you don't have to be one thing. You can study business AND be an athlete, You can study Political Science AND learn to paint.?

                                  Dr. Kimberly Forst teaches Nursing students AND knows how to play the piano.

                                  The Nursing Department faculty and staff miss the face-to-face contact of their students. Due to social distancing, all of the students had to learn about their caring profession remotely.

                                  So, this past Easter, the faculty decided to have Dr. Forst play a song for their students and let them know just how much they are missed.

                                  Here, Dr. Forst explains just what makes the SFU Nursing Department so special.

                                  You play beautifully, Why did you choose the song, "The Homecoming"?

                                  The Homecoming is one of my favorite songs and I always play it on Easter Sunday. The song makes me think of family, friends, and gives me a sense of peace. The faculty and I wanted to share the song and video with the students this year so that they could take a few minutes to relax and enjoy seeing each other.


                                  A sense of peace. Is that why you chose to share it with your students?

                                  We wanted to share the song with the students to let them know how much we miss seeing them every day. This has been a trying time for the students to figure out how to go from a face to face environment to an on-line learning environment, especially clinical education. The students have done such an awesome job with the changes and we just want them to know how much we appreciate the way they have tackled the challenges.


                                  Although the students are learning remotely, what do the faculty miss most about being in the same physical space?

                                  We miss seeing the students' smiling faces, we miss the students stopping in our offices, even if it is just to say "Hello" and "How are you doing today?".? We miss hearing the students laugh while they are sitting in the nursing student lounge area. We (the faculty) also miss seeing each other every day, sharing stories and laughing about some of the crazy things that have happened, whether it is professional or personal. The nursing faculty have a very close relationship and even though we are still talking practically every day, it is not the same.? We look forward to getting to see everyone again in person, hopefully soon.

                                  Any words of confidence to today’s nursing students?

                                  To the senior nursing students, we know you are scared and worried that you may not be ready to take on the world as nurses, but you are ready.? Remember, you are going to graduate from Saint Francis University nursing program. You did it, you will graduate from the #1 Nursing program in the Nation!? You will all be competent, awesome nurses, changing and saving lives everywhere you go You got this and we are so very proud of you.?


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